Camelot’s Daughter

    Gallant Knight
    Girded with your shining armour,
    Only yesterday bloodied in battle,
    Now you kneel calmly before me,
    You hide your wounds so well.
    Braced, steadfast and upright
    Within your metal shell.

    I watched you fight from the forest scrub
    An unusual education for a princess.
    I knew then how Adam & Eve felt.
    When your sword dripped with blood.
    Curses following the fallen men.
    Collapsing in the mud.

    Stricken while,
    I crept home with heart quivering,
    Think you’d changed indelibly,
    Your soft genteel charm vanished,
    Each sword swipe a cruel blow
    To me idyllic dreams,
    of all I didn’t know.

    Gallant Knight,
    I am the one who has changed.
    I matched you wound for wound,
    Though now I do so proudly,
    True maturity arriving late,
    Lord, lift up your eyes...
    And recognize your mate.

                    -Shari-Lynn Hewings
                    -Aug’ 99

            Response to Camelot’s Daughter

            You ask me who I am, My Celtic Warrior
                Standing before me weary and battle-scared by life

            You ask me who I am , My Celtic knight;
                With heart in hand and kindly concern crossing your countenance

            You seek to know my Celtic Prince
                what beats deep in my heart...
                A heart of fire full of passion and life
                or one of ice ..., cold and unmoved, frozen in pain.

            You seek to know, my Celtic Priest
                who dwells in the depths of my very soul.

            You seek to know, my Mad Celtic Poet
                to open the box...,
                once opened, ..., now tightly shut, ...
                Of feelings, desires, need and wants, ...

            This is your Quest, My Celtic heart
                to seek ...
                to search ...
                 to open ...

            And Once your Quest has been fulfilled then what?

                To you Camelot’s Daughter
                I wish to be
                your shelter,
                your guard,
                your love,
                your help,
                your friend,
                and more....

                         --- S.R. McEvoy
                         — MCWPP (Mad Celtic Warrior Poet Priest)
                         --- Nov 14th 1999

Camelot Revisited:

Sensations ripple,
Like breeze-tickled waterways,
Across her soft skin.

Beloved by her prince,
And entwined with his body,
Clear springs flow again,

Streams of pristine tears,
For fears spawned by war’s terror,
And gruesome caprice,

But her heart’s wellspring,
rather than tributaries,
Serves to revive him.

Shari Lynn Hewings
Spring 2001