From Within, Strength; From Without

We often see ourselves as strong,
    Independent, Individualistic
Then if God so wills it, the veil is lifted
    From our eyes.
We then can see the frail shells,
    That we really do be,
Then turn to strength,
    The strength of others
That God provides thru those that we love
The gifts that others reveal,
    Their strength and their gifts.
The special friend, The best friend
    That’s the way to describe the two of you
    The best way to describe you.
For that’s what you both are,
God has provided your for me,
God has furnished you wit an insight of
    Who and what I am.
He’s revealed to you my soft, sticky
    Center and you were not revolted.
You Stick by me.
You challenge me.
You encourage me.
You trust in me.

A best friend is what you both are,
    And prayerfully always will be.

            Sept. 17th 1992
            S.R. McEvoy