Poetry In Being

i am holding on
Sometime by the thinnest thread
Sometimes upheld in prayers and love

i am loved
and trying to accept that love
And to love in return

i am a child of God’s
precious, dearly loved,
but always challenged to climb above

i am a man
once a boy, with dreams aplenty
now learning to dream again

i am a celt
with a warrior’s passion, a poet’s heart
wisdom, knowledge and discernment do I seek, to temper them

i am a soldier
called to serve the King of Kings
called to fight upon my knees

i am creative
with the Spirit of God within me
a poet’s pen, an artists brush and the cooks pots

i am a dreamer
and the dream,
hope, pray, care, plan, love

i am who i am
i am who God is shaping me to be
clay to the potter, i surrender all to thee

i am the words
that i speak, and the silences that i keep
of praise and prayers, anguish and tears

i am

            Steven R. McEvoy
            Mar 1999

(An ontological self understanding.)