On and On

My Love for you,
    Flows on and on,
Sometimes I think It's a forest stream,
    and at others a rushing river,
        that never ends.
My Love for you,
    Grows on and on,
Sometimes I think it's a flower
    here for a season, radiant and beautiful
        but gone tomorrow,
Sometimes I think it's a tree,
    A cedar of Lebanon, growing tall and
        strong and proud.
    And other times a vine that wraps around
        as it grows on and on,
        that's grafted to and from the other.
        weaving in and out of all else.
My Love for you
    Blows on and on ,
Sometimes it's a gentle Spring breeze,
    flirting here and there.
Sometimes it's a fall gael, blowing strong
    and straight and true.
And other times it's a winter storm,
    blowing into the darkness of the night
    the darkness of the world,
    the darkness of the future.
My Love for you
    Is a Gift, Freely Given by God,
    Freely Given to You, without strings
    Praise the Lord for the Lord is Love.
My Love Blooms for you ...
My Love Zooms for you ...
My Love Soars for you  ...                                   
My Love for You                                                   
        Is Strong and True,                               
My Love is not what you can do for me .
        It's what I can do for You.
                        McEvoy S.R.    sept 17/1992