Who are you?

I want to know
who you are?
Deep inside
in your heart
in your soul
Who are you?

Who are you?
When no one’s looking
do you cry
cry yourself to sleep
alone in the dark

Who are you?
The girl with the dark brooding eyes
the pain buried deep inside
one eye a well into the past
the dark the dread
the other one of hopes & Dreams
that dare not come into light
for fear of failure
fear of the contempt of others

Who are you?
The women who carries so much pain?
The women with the soft silky skin
who are you?
Will you let me in?

Let me in
even if slowly at first
women of dreams
let me in
women of hopes
let me in
lady of the dark eyes
open the door
for I want to know
who you are?

--S.R. McEvoy