Daddy’s Arms.

I come to you Father
Wanting to bring you pleasure
I want to crawl up in your lap
to feel your big arms around me
to see your smiling eyes and beaming face
to kiss your cheeks
to snuggle close to your neck
to listen to your heart beating
to be tickled by your beard
to hug your big broad shoulders
to be able to sit beside you and hold your hand
to sit at your feet and just watch you at work
        no need for words
        no need for actions
        just to be with you
Teach me to take joy in your presence
        Teach me to worship
        Teach me to pray
        Teach me to love
I want to be like you my father
I want to be like you my Daddy
I love you Daddy, My Father God.
                -S. R. McEvoy
                -Aug 6/97